MicroVert Antennas

The MicroVert antenna, designed by Jürgen Schäfer, DL7PE, is a short, base loaded antenna that uses the coax shield as a counterpoise. Of course, this antenna is probably not the right choice for the DX-Hunter, but a very cheap, small and easy to build antenna and ideal for travelling and portable operation.

The following pictures shows my first versions for 7 MHz and 14 MHz. The antennas body are made out of a 16.5mm diameter PVC tube used for electrical installation. The radiator is made of 20mm x 1.5mm aluminium tube. One antenna can be manufactured within less than one hour.

A first test with the 14 MHz version mounted in my basement (2m below ground level!) shows reception reports about 3 S-units below my 5/8-lambda vertical. Contacts with YU, UA3, 4L8 and EA9 were easily made at first call with 100 W output.

MicroVert antennas for
left: 14 MHz, total length 65cm (26inch)
right: 7 MHz, total length 100cm (39inch)
14 MHz coil
(1mm CuL for 100W Tx power)
MV_005_s MV_007_s
Clamp for fast vertical or horizontal mounting Adjustment Element (8mm diam.)
(not necessary if antenna is designed correctly)

50 Ohm / 1:1 / RG316 / FT-140-43

MV_vswr_14VSWR of the 14 MHz Version, measured Indoor. No tuning necessary for the whole band

Description by DL7PE (english description)
Metric Calculator by AC9TS (contact me)