Short Term Award from Indonesia

To commemorate the 71st Independence Day of The Republic of Indonesia on August 17, 2016, “Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia” proudly present the Special Event Station YB71RI and a nice Award working 5 to 10 Indonesian Districts during the month of August 2016. The Award is free of charge and mailed as pdf-file.


Rio 2016 Award

Another colourful short term Award offered by the “Miller-DX-Club”, dedicated to the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. The Award is free of charge and could be downloaded as pdf-file. More details here.



Es on 2m and new Square

Another good Es opening on 2m this Saturday morning. With only 20 Watts out of the Transverter I worked LZ1ZL and LZ1KG from KN31 for a new square and a distance of 1.613 km. Heard but not worked was SV7GBR from KN20IX and several other LZ stations. This was my first ES and first new square since 1989, when I quit serious DX work on 2m!

VK0EK QSL arrived

What a surprise when I looked into the mailbox today! The colourful VK0EK QSL-card arrived directly from the british manager. Now all of my 336 DXCC’s are confirmed by card.


New Webdesign Online

After more than 10 years I switched to a new styled, easier to administrate and modern cms-based webpage. My old design with several 10.000 clicks is now offline. Not all informations are online now but will be transferred to the new system depending on sparetime.


Samuel Morse Award

The MRASZ – Hungarian Radio Amateur Society – offers a nice short time award, commemorating the 225th anniversary of the birth of Samuel F.B. Morse, the creator of the Morse alphabet. The Award is free of charge and could be downloaded as pdf-file.


2m SSPA – Part 1

After my previous homemade 2m Pa with 2x 4CX250B (build around 1975) is geting old, it was time to think about a new “state of the art” amplifier. Transistorized, high power, a low noise blower and all at an affordable price – that would be nice.

In an article of F1JRD, published in Dubus magazine 4/2010, I found the description of a compact (PCB 12 x 7 cm) 2m power amplifier with a Freescale LDMOS transistor. The tremendous gain of about 27 dB, more than 1.000 watts output power, combined with a relatively little effort, was fascinating.

After a longer search in the Internet I decided to build this project and started to assemble the main components. I ordered a BLF578 transistor at ebay, components from France and the copper heatsink from the Netherlands.