Activities on 50 MHz

My interrest for the magic band 50 MHz goes back to the late 1970’s when I heard signals from Europe, Africa and North-/South America and worked first stations Crossband 28 MHz/50 MHz.

Due to the poor license situation in Germany that time I was happy to get one of these rare permissions in 1994, but lost it again before I was “on air” when I moved to my new home location.

At the moment I have no spare room for an antenna on my tower and only work here with my unmatched Spiderbeam from time to time.

Equipment for 50 MHz:

Transceiver Amplifier Antenna
Elecraft K3 4 El. Indoor
Status: Active

Standings on 50 MHz:

MHz WW-Squares DXCC Continents Longest distance [km]
Tropo Aurora MS
50 499 107 5 1.109 1.351 1.146 10.610