2m SSPA – Part 1

After my previous homemade 2m Pa with 2x 4CX250B (build around 1975) is getting old, it was time to think about a new “state of the art” amplifier. Transistorized, high power, a low noise blower and all at an affordable price – that would be nice.

In an article of F1JRD, published in Dubus magazine 4/2010, I found the description of a compact (PCB 12 x 7 cm) 2m power amplifier with a Freescale LDMOS transistor. The tremendous gain of about 27 dB, more than 1.000 watts output power, combined with a relatively little effort, was fascinating.

After a longer search in the Internet I decided to build this project and started to assemble the main components. I ordered a BLF578 transistor at ebay, components from France and the copper heatsink from the Netherlands.