Activities on 50 MHz

My interrest for the magic band 50 MHz goes back to the late 1970’s when I heard signals from Europe, Africa and North-/South America and worked first stations Crossband 28 MHz/50 MHz.

DXCC_6mEquipment for 50 MHz:

Transceiver Amplifier Antenna
Elecraft K3 + P3 ACOM 2100 5 El. Yagi
Status: Active

Standings on 50 MHz:

MHz WW-Squares DXCC Continents Longest distance [km]
Tropo Aurora MS
50 624 129 6 1.109 1.351 1.146 10.610

Map of European squares worked on 50 MHz:

New DXCC by year:

  • 2020: 4S, 9Y, BV, DU, HL, HZ, JT, VR2, XV
  • 2019: 4L, 9G, 9M2, BA, E3, FG, J6, JW, SU, TR, TY, TZ, UN, VU
  • 2018: 5A, 9K2, A7, A9, D4, EK, UK, Z6
  • 2017: not active