“Wild Atlantic Way” – Award

The Irish “Limerick Radio Club” offered the “Wild Atlantic Way” Award during the year 2017 for working the special stations EI11 – EI99. Each callsign represents a county on the route. The Wild Atlantic Way is a 2,500 Km route winding its way through the 9 counties on the Western Seaboard of Ireland. Along the route there are scenic areas, Towns and Villages, each with their own distinctive character. The pdf-Award is free of charge and arrived today via E-Mail from the Manager EI6AL – thanks Dave!


Confederation’s Cup Awards

During the 2017 Soccer Confederation’s Cup the Russian Radio Club SRR and Miller DX-Club offered several short-term Awards for a different number of contacts and/or modes with the special stations R17xxx. More informations to find here. I am not a fan of soccer games and completing the awards is not a great challenge but some fun to work these stations during the poor conditions of the decreasing number of sunspots.


Black Sea Cup International 2017

The International HF Cup of Black Sea is carried out by BSCC (Black Sea Contest Club). The aim of the competition is to make as many contacts with hams around the world as possible, especially with the radio stations from Black Sea region countries, members of BSCC, BSCC Headquarters’ station, radio clubs and the headquarters of the national amateur radio organizations – members of the IARU (HQ-stations).

Surprisingly I received this nice looking Contest Award today per E-Mail. Thank you BSCC!


3rd CISM World Winter Games

The 3rd CISM World Winter Gamestook took place in Sochi (Russia) from February 22-28, 2017. The “Miller-DX-Club” offers free to download Awards in 6 different classes for working special stations. More informations to find here.







14th Antarctic Activity Week

Another attractive short term Award is issued from the Spanish Amateur Radio Union URE to commemorate the 14th International Antarctic Week 2017 to all radioamateurs worldwide who contact with a number of Special Event Stations that will be active on the HF bands. The four classes Bronze ,Silver, Gold and Platinum depends on the number of special stations worked.


Cervantes Award

Short term Awards become more and more popular nowadays. This one comes from Spain as a free pdf-download and celebrates the 400th Anniversary of the death of the famous writer Miguel de Cervantes, one of the greatest writers in Universal History. His most iconic novel, “Don Quixote” is the most edited and translated book in all Literature History, just behind The Bible.

Got Award-Number #0095 (Plata), #0046 (Gold), #0021 (Platino)



Rio 2016 Award

Another colourful short term Award offered by the “Miller-DX-Club”, dedicated to the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. The Award is free of charge and could be downloaded as pdf-file. More details here.