144 MHz / 12 Element DK7ZB-Yagi by “VPA-Systems”

After more than 4 month (!!!) I received the ordered 12 element Yagi for 144 MHz (see the full story here). It’s a DK7ZB design, manufactured by “VPA-Systems” in Poland.

Transportation from Poland to Germany by DPD was within 2 days, the parcel was abt. 2m long, good wrapped and received without any damage.

At first look the antenna seems well made. Boom and support are of square-aluminium 20 x 20 x 2 mm, dipole 12 x 1 mm and elements of aluminium 10 x 2 mm. Mastclamp is for 50 mm tubes, no options. All holes are drilled correct and elements and boom parts are numbered. The box for balun and N-connector is made of hard plastic. Screws, nuts (self locked) and bolts seems V2A but not sure – we will see. Two packs with mounting material are included and assembling could be done within less than one hour.

The balun is made of two 75 Ohm teflon cables Type RG 187 (diameter 2.6 mm). The cable is specified for a power handling of 1.400 W at 400 MHz.

2017-08-06_VPA-Yagi_2To be continued …